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Buyer Closing Costs | Buying a home in Fairfield County

Buying a home involves planning, budgeting and being prepared for all costs related to the purchase of the home. The first step is to save for the down payment and qualify for the mortgage. In addition, there are costs that a buyer needs to be prepared for which are required in order to close a transaction on the purchase of a home. Here is a summary of what you can expect for buyer closing costs in Fairfield County. The fees listed are given only as an approximate and may vary depending on the property.

Home Inspection

At the cost to the buyer, a scheduled inspection occurs 7-10 days after the offer is accepted. You can expect some of the following:

Building Inspection, Asbestos, Radon, Termites, Water/well, Septic, Pool. The cost will vary depending on if all are necessary and ranges from $600-$2,000

Lender Fees

Lender fees vary from between mortgage brokers and banks. You need to verify that you are comparing not only the interest rate but also the closing costs. Some lenders charge an application fee and processing fee while other brokers build the costs into the rate.

Origination/Application Fees: +/-$1,300

Points: if you choose to buy points for a lower interest rate, it is 1% of the loan amount per point

Appraisal: $450-$600

Credit Check: varies

Attorney Fees

Attorney’s Fees: $950-$1,100 +/-

Title Search/Municipal Search: $375-$500

Title Insurance: Varies based on home price (approx. $250 per $100,000)

Recording Fee: $300

Prepaid Items

Homeowner’s Insurance: A full year of homeowners insurance needs to be prepaid and it varies depending on the price point of the property and personal items. $1,200 and up

Flood Insurance: If Applicable

Taxes: prepay property taxes

Fuel adjustments


The following video will give you a more detailed description of each item.


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