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Credit Scores Explained | How to understand and improve your score! | Fairfield CT

Credit Scores Explained

Credit Scores defined and how you can find out yours for free!

The 5 key elements that calculate into your score and how you can control and make them work for you!

Go to to get your free and accurate credit score. Examine the details of accounts, make sure they all make sense and question ones that you cannot identify.

There are 5 key elements that calculate into your score:

35% Payment History

30% Debt Utilization

15% Credit Age

10% Types of Credit

10% New Credit Requests

Manage your credit score so you will be ready when you decide to make a large purchase that may require a loan. The higher your score, they less you would pay for a house, car or any other loan. The higher your credit, they better chance you have to qualify for a low interest loan. Make it work for you! If your credit is not where you want it to be, time will repair your credit and debt responsibility. It can be done! If you are looking for referral of mortgage brokers, send me a message. They can dive into your credit deeper, give you advice plus pre-approve you for a loan if you are ready for a home purchase.



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