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3 Reasons to List your Home during the Holidays!

3 Reasons to List Homes During Holiday

3 Reasons to LIST your HOME during the HOLIDAYS!  Plus 4 tips on preparing your home to show!

Are you asking yourself, should I put my house on the market during the holiday season?  I am here today to tell you….. Yes!

Yes you should and I’m going to give you 3 reasons why and 4 tips to sell your home during the holiday season.

1.   Lack of competition
The number one reason why you should be on the market during the holidays is lack of competition.  If you are on the market, you may be thinking about taking a break for the holidays. Everyone’s so busy with shopping, social gatherings, etc.  Traditionally, Spring and Summer are the busiest times in real estate and that’s when people think they should list their home for sale. Your home looks better in the Spring with blooming flowers and green grass. You do have the most competition during Spring and Summer –  buyers are comparing your property to all the other properties on the market. During the holiday season you have the chance for your home to be the best in a market due to the lower inventory!

2.   Serious buyers
What buyers are looking during the holidays? Serious Buyers! During the holiday season, serious and motivated buyers are searching for a home to purchase. You don’t want to miss that opportunity for a serious buyer to come view your home.  Remember, it only takes one and if you’re off the market, they’re not going to see it.  It is important to stay on the market and/or list your home during the holiday season in order to be that ONE house that people are going to view.

3.   Flexible schedules
Many people have vacation time and holidays off, they may be visiting your area during this time. They could decide that this might be an area they could move to and they’re going take advantage of those opportunities.  You never know who will show up to an open house or call you to see your listing. There is a high potential to sell during the holiday season.

4 tips to make sure your home shows its best during the holidays!

Check out my video on what you need to do to prepare you home for sale! How to Prepare your Home for Sale – Watch here!

During the Holidays, these key steps are important!

1.  Market digitally on all platforms
Make sure you have HD photos and HD video. You want to attract your buyers through high quality photos and video. Additionally, your home needs to be marketed strategically and digitally on all platforms. You want to reach the masses!

2.  Price to sell

Price your home perfectly in the current market to get that offer!

3.  Decorate for the holidays
I always say buying and selling is emotional and nothing is more emotional than the holiday season. Decorate your house! You want the home to feel warm and cozy; bake some cookies, light a fire. There’s nothing more inviting than feeling like your are “home”.

4. Curb appeal
Lastly, which I think is most important, is the curb appeal.  When that buyer first comes to your home, it is that first seven to ten seconds of walking unto your front door that is most important.  Leaves are falling this time of year and your property may look a bit sparse, make sure that your property looks its best by picking up all the leaves, clean your gutters, make sure all the beds around your property are cleared of all leaves and the mulch is freshened up.  You want your home look its best!

There is great opportunity during the holiday season you don’t want to miss out by coming off the market or waiting to list. If you’re ready to list, be sure to hit the market strong.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

All my best,



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