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Seller Closing Costs | Selling in Fairfield County CT

How much are closing costs for the seller? What are the costs the seller is responsible for in the transfer of their property? Local customs will dictate which side of the deal will be paying for particular costs to transfer ownership of a h...

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Stratfield Neighborhood in Fairfield

The Stratfield community of Fairfield is a unique area with varying architecture and well-established traditional neighborhoods. Charming colonies built in the 1920s—1940s nestled throughout interlocking and walkable neighborhoods with a netw...

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Real Estate Virtual Tours. Are They All the Same?

Shopping at home from our computers has brought to the forefront the importance of 3D virtual tours when listing a home for sale. Virtual Tour is a term used frequently in the real estate business and it carries different meanings. If you ar...

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2020 real estate predictions Fairfield

Fairfield County CT Real Estate Market Predictions

Watch here for all the details! 2020 Real Estate Market Optimism and Predictions in Fairfield County CT National Association of Realtors (NAR) published the 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Profile in November. A collection of data and st...

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