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Downsizing or Aging in Place in Fairfield County for Seniors

Aging in Place or Downsizing for Seniors

For aging adults, retirement often comes with the difficult decision to stay at home or move to a senior care facility. While living in your own home provides freedom and privacy, there are medical and financial challenges that come with aging that makes it necessary to move.

Aging in Place

Aging in Place, or remaining in your own home, is best for someone who loves their autonomy and has made the necessary preparations. This means that they have a home that is safe and accessible and has the financial capacity to afford in-home care should the need arise in their later years. It is also best if they live near their loved ones or a reliable support system that could help them whenever needed.


Downsizing is often the best option for seniors who want to cut costs or have medical problems requiring constant care. Selling their homes could provide them with additional funds to cover their retirement and other medical expenses. It also relieves them of managing a house, which in itself can bring stress and risk of accidents. There are many options available for senior care.

It is important that seniors understand their options to find a place best suited for their care needs and still allow them to thrive physically and mentally. has created an online directory to help seniors navigate the nearby assisted living facilities in Connecticut. You may learn more here:

If downsizing is your option, call to start the process. I provide step by step guidance and help with selling a home that has been lived in for many years with care and ease. It is not an easy process and expectations are key in understanding the process. I am available anytime to talk. 203.650.6870 or email me.

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