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Easton, CT

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Easton is located in eastern Fairfield County and is in a class all itself. It is truly one of the last traditional small towns in Connecticut. The town is still predominantly woodland, largely because the four reservoirs within its borders put much of the land out of bounds for development — the Aquarion Water Company is a major landowner and the largest taxpayer by far. Easton provides safe drinking water to most of Fairfield County.

First settled in 1757, Easton, along with neighboring Weston, was originally part of the town of Fairfield. Easton was incorporated in 1845. The land in Easton covers 26.9 square miles with roughly 7,500 residents. It has approximately 2,500 households, which makes it far less dense than the rest of the county — 274 people per square mile, versus the county average of 1,468, according to state statistics. Easton is close to the Metro-North rail line in Westport and Fairfield. Depending on where you are in Easton, the drive to the train ranges from 13-25 minutes.
Easton’s small-town atmosphere is reinforced by avid conservationism and strict zoning. The land is protected in order to sustain the water supply as a majority of the town is on private well. The Aspetuck Land Trust maintains a large portion of the open space for residents to explore with hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

Commercial development consists of a few local eateries and a single sit-down restaurant, the Olde Blue Bird Inn, serving breakfast and lunch. The Easton Village Store provides gasoline, groceries, and top quality food prepared fresh daily. Greiser’s coffee and market provides grocery staples, specialty foods, locally made crafts and other gifts.

Easton has at least 20 farms of varying sizes, from part time specialty operations to large-scale agri-tourism attractions. There are few that occupy over 30 acres, they range from fruit orchards to vegetable farms. Easton is also deemed the Christmas Tree Capita of Connecticut with 6 tree farms that you can cut down your own tree!

Easton is the jewel of Fairfield County.

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