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Fairfield CT Shoreline Highlight: Penfield Reef Lighthouse

Penfield Reef Lighthouse; A highlight of Fairfield Shoreline

Are you a resident of Fairfield Connecticut or planning to relocate here soon? Spending quality time outdoors is always refreshing. A visit to the Fairfield shore is one of the best ways that you can choose to spend your free time either alone or with friends and family.

One of the best beach attractions in Fairfield is known as Penfield Reef Lighthouse. Penfield Reef Lighthouse is one of the iconic historical landmark features that we have on the Fairfield shoreline that you need to visit for a memorable beach experience.

One of the many benefits of living in Fairfield is living by the waters in Long Island Sound. As a Fairfield resident, there should never be a dull moment because you can get a beach sticker and enjoy all the beaches on the Fairfield and Fairfield mariner. So, whether it’s swimming, kayaking, boating or even fishing, the Fairfield shoreline has it all. The reef is actually a perfect fishing spot because of the way tides runs in and out.

A Brief History About Penfield Reef Lighthouse

The reef is 1.1 miles long and it starts at the beginning of the Fairfield beach and stretches all the way to the lighthouse. The reef is not a straight line but it’s designed in a zigzag pattern. Back in 1800s, the reef was known by most mariners as the most treacherous ledges in Long Island Sound. The reason was because most of the ships that used to sail through here used to hit the reef and get shipwrecks. After experiencing so many shipwrecks off the reef, a lighthouse was built in 1874.
The lighthouse is made of granite and concrete and it was built at the end of the reef on a big pile of rocks. This iconic feature is one of the last missionary lighthouses that we have around. It was built with a kitchen, living room and in the upstairs, we have four bedrooms. The lighthouse keeper was always present so that he could blow the fire corn and notify the ship on the dangers of the reef if they would come nearby.

In 1969, the Coast Guards proposed to demolish the old lighthouse and replace it with a steal-beamed lighthouse that had an automated beacon on it. However, this move was opposed by the US Aid representative at the time and Fairfield residents. They successfully won the case to preserve this heritage and treasure because it’s extremely important to the Fairfield community.
In 1971, they automated the Penfield Reef Lighthouse with the beacon that is there until today. Therefore, after 97 years of relying on a lighthouse keeper, the Penfield Reef Lighthouse is now fully automated.

What Are The Best Positions To View The Penfield Reef Lighthouse?

The safest place to view the lighthouse is on the beach at the Fairfield shoreline. However, if you want to get the best views of the lighthouse, you can do this by taking a boat ride. A boat will take you to the other side so that you can get a spectacular view of the Penfield Reef Lighthouse at closer proximity.

Fairfield beach and shoreline is vibrant and full of life. A beach sticker not needed from Labor Day to Memorial Day. During this time, you are also welcome to bring dogs for a walk.

Fairfield beach and shoreline is one of my favorite places that I visit often. Therefore, if you are looking for the best place in Fairfield to unwind and just disconnect from your busy schedule, this is the perfect place to do it.

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