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Real Estate Virtual Tours. Are They All the Same?

Shopping at home from our computers has brought to the forefront the importance of 3D virtual tours when listing a home for sale.

Virtual Tour is a term used frequently in the real estate business and it carries different meanings. If you are trying to decide on an agent to sell your home, make sure you are clear on the virtual tour that is offered. Not all virtual tours are the same. Many believe that it is when you take the home photos and place them with music. That is NOT a virtual tour.

A proper virtual tour is interactive, allowing the prospective buyer to view the home at their own pace. A 3D virtual tour allows the buyer to walk through the home in the way they choose. They can view the home by room of their choice, they can stand in the middle of a room and turn around, they can look up at the ceilings and down at the floors, and decide which room they want to walk into next.

A video tour is different because it brings the buyer down a particular path and only highlights select images of the property giving the buyer no control on touring virtually. Although a video tour is still the preferred option when compared to photos played with music because you can get a sense of the layout through video.

A 3D tour gives the buyer the most control on how they want to tour the home from their computer or cell phone. And that is especially important as there are times when there are restrictions on viewing the home in person or if the buyer is relocating from another state and the ability to be there physically is a challenge.

Here is an example of a 3D tour, enjoy!
3D Virtual Tour of 45 Norton Rd Easton

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